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Your First Dental Appointment
with El Dorado Family Dental


Your first dental appointment with El Dorado Family Dental is your first opportunity to meet our friendly team, tour the office, and begin your journey to a bright smile and excellent oral health. From the moment you and your family walk into our office, our goal is to begin building a trusting relationship by getting to know you. Our relaxing office environment and welcoming staff ease any dental anxiety you may have.

Our knowledgeable team will easily guide you through your first appointment. We have developed a process that allows you to get to know our team of dental assistants, office staff, and of course your dentist, Dr. Albik. Your visit will include the following stages:

1. Gathering Information About You

Dental office staff gathering new patient information for your first dentist visitThe first step for your first dental appointment involves gathering information about your dental and health history, insurance information, and completing required forms. To reduce your appointment time, you can download the required new patient forms to fill out before your visit. Our office staff will review the forms with you, confirm any dental insurance you may have, and explain your benefits.

Our patient reception area at our state of the art dental office in El Dorado Hills, CA 2. Tour of Our Dental Office

After your paperwork is completed, you will have an opportunity to tour our dental office. You will have the opportunity to meet all our friendly team members while we explain the various features of our state of the art dentist office.

3. Photos and Dental X-Rays

Dr. Albik reviewing a new patient’s dental x-rays at El Dorado Family DentalOnce you are familiar with our dentist office, one of our dental assistants will take photos and digital x-rays of your teeth. You can rest assured that we use the latest in dental x-ray technology that emits the lowest and safest radiation levels possible. Depending on your current concerns, dental and health history, we may take a 3D X-Ray of your teeth, jaws, and airway. The 3D image our KAVO machine produces not only allows Dr. Albik to view your teeth, but also allows him to detect additional concerns including impacted teeth, sinus conditions, and lesions or fractures in your jaw. While you are taken to one of our comfortable exam rooms, Dr. Albik will review your x-rays for any areas of concern. The x-rays can show signs of tooth decay, tumors, cysts, bone loss and determine the current position of the individual teeth and roots.

4. Comprehensive Dental Exam

Dr. Albik preforming a comprehensive dental exam during patient’s first visitDr. Albik will join you in the exam room and take some time to get to know about you, your dental history, and discuss any concerns that you currently have. Your comprehensive dental exam will start with a thorough evaluation of all tooth surfaces and inspection of any existing dental restorations. Next is a periodontal exam of the health and condition of your gums. This allow Dr. Albik to identify signs of harmful gum diseases like gingivitis. Your exam will end with a screening for oral cancer. By examining your face, lips, tongue, tissues, and gums the doctor can identify potential warning signs for early detection of oral cancer.

5. Treatment Consultation

Following your dental exam, Dr. Albik will discuss your overall oral health, any areas of concern, and provide a treatment plan if necessary. This is a terrific opportunity for you to ask your dentist about any needs, concerns, and treatment options available to you. Dr. Albik can also discuss sedation dentistry options available for treatment if you have or think you may have any dental anxiety issues. You can rest assured that we will develop a treatment plan that will help you achieve the best oral health possible.

6. Dental Cleaning

Patient receiving a dental cleaning as part of their first visit to El Dorado Family DentalYour first appointment will end with a dental cleaning by one of our talented dental assistants. First, we will use special dental instruments to thoroughly clean your teeth. Ultrasonic scalers and handheld instruments to remove any tarter or plaque built up on the teeth both above and below the gum line. Next your teeth will be polished to help remove stains and plaque that regular toothbrushing cannot. Finally, depending on your age and dental history, a fluoride treatment may be applied to your teeth that help to strengthen them and prevent tooth decay.

You can learn more about our process on our detailed Dental Exam and Cleaning page.

You and your family deserve the best dental care possible. Contact our office today to schedule your first dental appointment and start enjoying great oral health!