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Cosmetic Dentistry in El Dorado Hills

Cosmetic Dentistry has helped patients just like you enjoy a beautiful smile. Advancements in dental technology now allow our Dental Office to correct many aesthetic features of your teeth. Many popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments like Invisalign, Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneers, and Tooth Bonding are available to improve the look of your teeth and smile.

At El Dorado Family Dental, Dr. Albik is a Cosmetic Dentist providing solutions for:

  • Discoloration or Tooth Staining
  • Minor Cracks or Chips in the Teeth
  • Small Spaces or Gaps Between the Teeth
  • Severely Worn Teeth
  • Teeth Straightening
  • Unevenly Sized or Short Teeth

“After years of a terrible coffee addiction, my teeth had become dull and stained. Thanks to Dr. Albik’s teeth whitening, I now have a beautiful smile again!”
– Pam. Y

Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning at El Dorado Family Dental


Cosmetic Dentistry is part technical skill and part artistic eye. For a Cosmetic Dental Treatment to be successful, Dr. Albik combines both requirements to produce beautiful smiles with stunning results. At El Dorado Family Dental, we utilize many Cosmetic Dental Treatments, including:


Invisalign Teeth Straightening is one of the most popular Cosmetic Dental Treatments available in our dental office. Invisalign is a great alternative to classic metal braces for straightening your teeth. Also referred to as clear braces, Invisalign is a series of clear plastic aligners that are custom fitted by Dr. Albik. The series of clear aligners gradually shift your teeth into the desired position and alignment.

In addition to the benefit of being clear and virtually unnoticeable, the aligners are comfortable to wear and can be removed while eating or drinking. The total treatment time will vary dependent on your unique treatment plan, however most our patients achieve the desired result after about a year. Regular dental visits with Dr. Albik are done to ensure that the teeth are moving into place and straightening properly.

Invisalign teeth straightening available at El Dorado Family Dental

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Dr. Albik provides teeth whitening cosmetic dentistry solutions in El Dorado Hills, CA to brighten your smile


Teeth Whitening is a wonderful Cosmetic Dental Treatment that can restore the brightness and improve your smile. There are many reasons that your teeth’s brightness may dull over time. Drinking coffee, dark sodas, tobacco use and poor oral care can lead to discolored teeth. Thankfully, Dr. Albik can restore your white teeth with a Teeth Whitening process that uses specific chemicals to bleach the teeth.

There are two options for your Teeth Whitening Treatment. The treatment can be performed at our dental office or at home with a take-home whitening kit. Both treatment options have their benefits. The advantages of an in-office treatment include a shorter treatment time, quicker results, and the ability for Dr. Albik to control and monitor the bleaching ingredients to help prevent tooth sensitivity. The advantage of the at home whitening kit is the convince of performing the treatment when your schedule allows.

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Porcelain Veneers are a Cosmetic Dental Restoration treatment that is used to conceal many common dental flaws. Dr. Albik has successfully helped patients just like you with Veneer treatments to repair small chips or cracks, improve tooth shape or size, close small spaces or gaps between teeth, and create a uniform appearance for your smile.

Dental Veneers are thin, tooth colored shells that are slipped over the front surface of the tooth structure and bonded or cemented into place. The Veneers are custom-created to your unique needs and specifications and created to blend in with the surrounding natural teeth producing a great look and feel.

Porcelain Veneers from Dr. Albik at El Dorado Family Dental are a great cosmetic dentistry option to brighten your smile

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Tooth Bonding and Tooth Colored Fillings are a minimally invasive and cost effective Cosmetic Restoration to repair dental imperfections. Like Veneers, the composite bonding material comes in a variety of tooth colored shades to match the surrounding natural teeth. This makes bonding a great solution to repair the tooth structure from slightly chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth.

Tooth Bonding is also a great alternative to Traditional Silver Amalgam Fillings. Many patients prefer the white appearance of Tooth Colored Fillings made from composite materials since they are less noticeable than amalgam fillings. The result is the appearance of a natural tooth that blends naturally with surrounding teeth. Bonding can be used for fillings on the upper and lower jaw and for front or back teeth depending on the location and extent of tooth decay.

While less expensive than other Cosmetic Dental Restorations, bonding is more susceptible to staining and breaking than Veneers or Crowns for Teeth. Many Bonding Treatments can be completed by Dr. Albik in a single visit to our Dental Office.


While not traditionally considered a Cosmetic Dental Treatment, some cases of Tooth Decay or damaged teeth may require a Dental Crown or Dental Implant. Substantial amounts of tooth decay may necessitate a Root Canal with a Dental Crown placed over the treated tooth. In some instances, a tooth extraction may be recommended with a Dental Implant placed in the jawbone to support a crown or bridge.

Like other Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments, Dental Crowns for Teeth can be created to match the surround teeth to produce a natural looking smile.

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Dr. Albik is a Dental Implant Expert with over 20 years of experience oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, and implants.

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Mouth Dental Work


If you are ready to learn if a Cosmetic Dental Treatment is right for you, the first step is to schedule Free Consultation with our Dentist Office. Dr. Albik will review your Dental Health History and current situation to see if you are a suitable candidate for treatment. Dr. Albik will then develop a treatment plan and our office staff will review the treatment costs. Dental Insurance may provide coverage for some of your treatment and our office staff can provide you with convenient payment and financing options if needed.

While many of the cosmetic treatments are minimally invasive, we can provide Sedation Dentistry options to help relieve any dental anxiety you may feel. Dr. Albik will discuss our sedation options will you during your consultation visit.

No matter what Cosmetic Treatment you choose, it is important to maintain Regular Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning appointments. Routine checkups every six months promote good Oral Hygiene and extend the longevity of your Cosmetic Restoration.

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Are you ready for a Smile Makeover? Dr. Albik is a Top Rated Cosmetic Dentist who is ready to help improve your smile today. With El Dorado Family Dental, you can rest assured that you have found a dental practice that cares about your oral health and the appearance of your teeth. Our calm and inviting office and staff work to alleviate any dental anxiety and provide you with the dental care you deserve. We look forward to talking with you and scheduling your visit today.

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