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Teeth Whitening to Brighten Your Smile

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So, Why Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Many people wonder, “is professional teeth whitening effective?” The answer is yes, and we would love to show you how.

Professional effects of teeth whitening also include many dental health benefits such as preventing gum disease if teeth need extra cleaning and to kill bacteria to help improve bad breath.

With professional teeth whitening at El Dorado Family Dental, there are two types of whitening for the treatment. These both have their benefits, and include:

  • In-office treatment with Dr. Albik: A treatment at the dentist office allows for your dentist to administer and monitor the bleaching product being used on your teeth. This helps to avoid sensitivity of your gums or accidentally leaving the stain removing ingredients on for too long. Professional in-office teeth whitening allows for the use of an LED light that has quicker results and takes less time.
  • At-home teeth whitening: If your schedule does not allow for teeth whitening appointments, Dr. Albik can give you a take-home teeth whitening kit. This allows for you to do the treatment conveniently on your own time. Some kits have you create custom trays to mold to your teeth. With this method, the results would take longer, as most kits require multiple applications over a period of time.

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“With my busy schedule, I could barely find a tooth whitening system that worked for me. My first dental visit with Dr. Albik was great. I wanted whiter teeth but couldn’t find time for the in-office treatment, so I was sent home with a tooth whitening kit. It removes stains from my teeth so well!”
– Frank L. Folsom, CA

At-Home Teeth Whitening Methods and Limitations

When it comes to teeth whitening, it is reasonable to want to save money by using “do it yourself” teeth whitening methods. Though DIY teeth whitening can work, the results are not guaranteed and generally do not last long.

Well known at-home methods and DIY teeth whitening products include:

1. Whitening strip or whitening pen

Teeth whitening strips can and do sometimes work, but with overuse can damage to a tooth’s enamel. Though these strips can whiten enamel, this is only possible by breaking it down first.

Whitening strips and whitening pens can also cause gum sensitivity and may not be entirely effective, as the bleaching agents do not reach all parts of the tooth. A tooth whitening pen might also require you do keep your mouth open for a long period of time so that the bleaching products do not move around.

2. Whitening toothpaste

Toothpastes containing whitening agents can help to remove surface stains on your teeth, making them appear more white. However, stains that go deeper than the enamel will not be affected by whitening toothpaste. These toothpastes often contain hydrogen peroxide, which is generally safe for teeth.

Whitening toothpaste also takes longer to see results, typically 2-3 weeks minimum or longer. It is important to check that the whitening toothpaste is safe to use and recommended by a dentist or has the ADA’s seal of approval.

3. Natural teeth whitening

There are many ways to naturally whiten teeth that have been claimed to work at home. Some of the ingredients involved include hydrogen peroxide, lemon, apple cider vinegar, oil pulling with coconut oil, baking soda, activated charcoal, and more.

While some of these methods have been said to be effective, others have not. Mixing acids and bases without help and expertise from a professional dentist can be harmful to your teeth.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Having discoloration of your teeth is not unusual and can happen to everyone. Your natural tooth over time can have both internal and external factors causing stained teeth. It is important to remember that foods or drinks that can stain clothes will most likely be able to stain your teeth, too.

Some of the most common reasons for discolored or yellow teeth include:

1. Diet

Foods such as fruits and vegetables contain chromogen, which is what gives them their color. These foods can include beets, berries, pomegranates, soy sauce, curry, and more.

Tannin, a substance found in drinks such as red wine, tea, coffee, and soda, can attach to teeth causing a dull appearance. It is also important to avoid an excess amount of acidic or sugary foods and drinks like candy and soda, that can erode and stain teeth enamel.

Both tannins and chromogens can stain teeth. This happens especially when foods have both tannins and chromogens, and the tannin will allow the chromogens to attach to eroding tooth enamel.

2. Smoking

Tobacco and nicotine use can cause teeth discoloration. This is especially prevalent with chewing tobacco, as it is up close to the tooth enamel.

3. Illness/disease and medications

Some illnesses or diseases can lead to discolored enamel. There are also medications such as antibiotics, asthma medication, and high blood pressure medication that can make teeth look yellow.

4. Poor dental care or oral care

Not brushing your teeth at least twice a day, flossing, and/or using mouthwash can lead to yellow teeth. This is because plaque (a bacteria that accumulates on teeth) will build up and harden, which forms a film of tartar (hardened plaque).

This is one of the easier tooth discoloration causes to fix, as it generally requires a professional dental cleaning and possibly some bleaching agents.

5. Excessive fluoride

Too much fluoride can cause yellowing teeth. This is more common with children who use too much fluoride while teeth are still developing. Having too much fluoride can be caused by minerals in water and ingested supplements.

6. Genetics

Some people are born with naturally thick enamel. A natural tooth has a semi-translucent layer of enamel, and if it is thin, it will be easier to see the natural yellow color of dentin (layer below enamel) showing through.

7. Age

Through our life stages, the enamel on our teeth starts to wear down. As mentioned previously, our natural teeth have a yellowish colored layer of dentin. Worn down enamel will show this yellow color.

8. Trauma or damage to teeth

Trauma caused to teeth can cause them to become discolored. This is very common with children, as damaging a developing tooth can cause permanent discoloration.

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“I have tried to whiten my teeth naturally with all types of stain removing ingredients from hydrogen peroxide to coconut oil. None of them gave me the white teeth I wanted. I searched the internet for a reputable dentist and found Dr. Albik, and I’m so glad I did!”
– Tiffany D. Cameron Park, CA

Top 5 Tips for Preventing Teeth Discoloration

  1. Quit or lessen smoking, use of tobacco, and use of nicotine products.
  2. Cut back on foods and drinks that increase stains such as red wine, coffee, tea, sugary sodas, and candy.
  3. Drink through a straw.
  4. Improve dental care and personal oral hygiene by keeping teeth brushed and flossed!
  5. Chew gum! Though it cannot actually whiten teeth, it can help lessen the the build-up of staining from certain foods and beverages.
  6. Let us schedule your dental visit with Our Team every six months!
Photo of a woman smiling with half of her teeth showing their color before teeth whitening treatments and the other after.

If you still do not see improvement, schedule an appointment with Dr. Albik to learn what whitening solution will work best for you.

Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

1. Sensitive teeth

With whitening teeth at home, the soft tissues of teeth and gums may become sensitive. Tooth sensitivity is also possible with in-office dental teeth whitening, but less likely.

2. Irritated gum tissue

The bleaching agents used in teeth whitening can be safe enough to use on teeth, but are not typically gentle enough for gums. If teeth whitening is done professionally, it is more likely that the bleaching ingredients will not touch gums, as someone else is administering the bleach and can see exactly what they are doing.

3. Underwhelming results

The results of your teeth whitening treatment depends on your starting point. The more yellow the teeth, the more treatments will likely be required to see results.

Though immediate results may be desired, putting your whitening treatments into multiple steps is the safest way for your teeth to gets shades whiter while staying strong and healthy.

Stop living with teeth stains or tooth discoloration! Our teeth whitening team can help. Schedule a free consultation today!