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Dental Exams and Teeth Cleaning
for the Whole Family

Dental Exams and Teeth Cleanings are the best Preventive Dental Care for you and your family. The American Dental Association recommends Routine Dental Checkups with your dentist every six months. Good Oral Hygiene habits at home, like brushing and flossing, are a great start to protecting your teeth and Oral Health. However, a through Teeth Cleaning from a Dental Hygienist and Exam form your Dentist ensures that your beautiful smile is in perfect condition.

“The office is pretty, very soothing and looks like a spa. Umar is nice, and so is Dr Albik and Katherine. Had my exam and cleaning done in a matter of one hour and a half with no wait time. This is my Dental office!”
Jennifer B., El Dorado Hills, CA

Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning Procedure Performed by Dr. Albik


Maintaining a Regular Dental Exam and Teeth Cleaning schedule provides you with many benefits to your Oral Health, including:

  • Prevent Tooth Decay
  • Prevent Plaque and Tartar Build Up
  • Prevent Chronic Bad Breath (Halitosis)
  • Prevent Tooth Staining
  • Prevent Receding Gums (Gingivitis / Periodontitis)
  • Screening for Oral Cancer


Your routine dental exam and teeth cleaning appointment can vary depending on your dental history. If you are coming in to our dentist office for your first appointment, our office staff will start by gathering important patient information such as your dental insurance and health care history. This will include learning about previous health issues, dental procedures, medications you currently take and other vital information.

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For all our first-time patients, and for our existing patients who need them, your appointment with begin with one of our Dental Assistants taking digital x-rays. Dr. Albik will examine the x-rays for signs of tooth decay, tumors, cysts, bone loss, and determine the current positions of the individual teeth and roots.

After reviewing the x-rays, Dr. Albik will begin your Dental Exam. During this exam, Dr. Albik will do the following examinations:

  • Evaluation of all tooth surfaces – Teeth are checked for signs of decay or cavities and plaque or tartar buildup. The dentist will also check for signs of teeth grinding and stress for clenching your jaw.
  • Exam of any existing Dental Restorations – Review of any current fillings, dental crowns, caps, and bridges.
  • Gum Disease Evaluation – The gums and jawbone levels around the teeth are checked for signs Periodontal Disease like Gingivitis.
  • Screening for Oral Cancer – Exam of your face, lips, tongue, tissues and gums for and potential warning signs of Oral Cancer.

Following your exam, Dr. Albik will review the results of your Oral Health with you. He will discuss any potential treatment plans if he finds any potential health risks. This is also your opportunity to ask your dentist any questions about your exam or recommended treatment options.

The next step in your dental appointment is a through and professional teeth cleaning by one of our Registered Dental Assistants. During dental cleanings the RDA will do the following:

  • Use special dental instruments like ultrasonic scalers or hand instruments to remove tarter, also referred to as calculus, and plaque from your teeth. Plaque is a sticky film made from living bacteria, food debris and saliva. The bacteria produce toxins that can cause the gums to become inflamed and infected. Gum inflammation can signal the start of periodontal disease. Tartar is a form of plaque that has hardened on the tooth surface. Tartar can form above and above the gum line.
  • Your RDA will then use a special dental instrument to polish the teeth. Polishing the teeth helps to remove stains and plaque that regular toothbrushing cannot.
  • Depending on your age and dental history, a fluoride treatment may be applied to your teeth to help strengthen them from within to help prevent tooth decay.

What Patients Say About Their Dental Experience
at El Dorado Family Dental

“I thought that regular dental visits were not a priority since I do not have dental insurance. I was referred to Dr. Albik after experiencing pain in my teeth and gums. I loved their convenient office hours and offered a great discount plan for my first visit. During the visit the whole staff made me feel comfortable and actually enjoyed my professional dental cleaning! Dr. Albik was able to find the cause of my pain and recommended a root canal and gum treatment. They were able to set me up with affordable payment options so I could take care of everything. Thank You Dr. Albik & Team!” – Mark E. El Dorado Hills, CA

“After moving to Folsom, I needed to find a new dentist that could also take care of my children’s dental care. After reading the patient testimonials about how great the whole staff was to kids, I decided to give them a try. All I can say is their dental care comes second only to their patient care! The kids were even excited with the home care suggestions that the dentist made!” – Keri W. Folsom, CA

“If your schedule makes it hard to get in for regular dental cleanings, El Dorado Family Dental is the place for you! They have great office hours for those of us that can’t make it before 5 pm during the week and even have appointments on Saturday!” – Jim M. Placerville, CA


Everyone can experience bad breath at times like first waking up in the morning or from eating certain foods. Bad breath can also be a chronic problem caused by poor brushing and flossing habits, dry mouth, tooth decay, or gum disease. If you are suffering from chronic bad breath, Dr. Albik can review options with you during your dental exam to relieve the problem. Making improvements to your oral hygiene habits at home, professional cleanings, and specialized treatments are available for your unique situation.

Restore your confidence and end bad breath for good! Call our office to schedule an appointment today!


Oral Cancer Screenings are one of the best defenses your dentist can provide to protect your health and wellness. Symptoms may not be obvious in its initial stages, allowing the disease to spread to other parts of your body before noticing a lump or sore in your mouth. Regular screenings performed during your dental visits can aid in early detection, greatly improving your chances of successful treatment and survival.

Protect your health by scheduling a Dental Exam and Oral Cancer Screening today!

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