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Dental Night Guards Protect Your Beautiful Smile!

Are you grinding or clenching your teeth while sleeping? Are you worried you might be damaging your beautiful smile?

If you have a habit for grinding or clenching your jaw and teeth, you have come to the right place! We are dental professionals who are happy to help protect your beautiful smile.

The sound of your teeth screeching together may be very unpleasant to those around you. Night guards can give you and anyone who sleeps near you a better sleep!

A photo of a woman putting a custom dental night guard into her mouth to protect her teeth

We recommend you to speak to one of our dental professionals who are happy to help with any questions. We understand you may think having a night guard could be uncomfortable, but that is why we are here, to create a comfortable solution that protects your oral health!

Creating your night guard is easier than you think! At El Dorado Family Dental, we create custom fitted night guards to ensure the perfect fit for you. Call us today to receive a FREE consultation!

Start Sleeping Better Now with A Custom Dental Night Guard!

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“Thank you Dr. Albik and the rest of El Dorado Family Dental! I used to wear an over the counter night guard but wearing a custom-built night guard has made sleeping so much more comfortable. I have never slept better in my life!”
– Henry C. Roseville, CA

What Are Dental Night Guards?

A night guard is a thin protective device for your teeth to help with bruxism. Bruxism is a condition in which you clench, grind and gnash your teeth.

This device works as a protective layer between the top and bottom of your teeth. It serves as a cushion so that you won’t damage your while you are fast asleep.

Having a night guard will position your teeth naturally and protect it from any pressure from grinding or clenching.

When you grind or clench it can cause you to strain your jaw muscles but wearing a night guard can give your jaw a rest every single night.

Is a custom night guard better than an over the counter night guard?

Absolutely! Over the counter night guards may be a cheaper option but they will not prevent health issues as well as a custom night guard made by EDFD. Using an over the counter night guard could even create new problems for your oral health.

A custom night guard makes sure your jaw is properly aligned and fits perfectly so it won’t fall out. They will also last much longer than an over the counter night guard.

El Dorado Family Dental creates custom night guards with high quality so that it is more durable and comfortable while you sleep.

Let Us Create A Custom Night Guard to Protect Your Smile Today!

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“Wearing a night guard has made sleeping during the night a breeze. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore or wake up with a sore jaw muscles. Where has El Dorado Family Dental been all my life! I never thought it would work so well”
– Ashley W. El Dorado Hills, CA

What is the process of making a night guard?

Step 1: Free consultation.

An appointment with one of our night guard professional is needed to ensure that a night guard is necessary for you.

Step 2: Impressions need to be taken.

Custom night guards should fit perfectly in your mouth so an impression is necessary to fit the patient exactly using a plaster cast.

Step 3: Lab work.

A lab technician will carefully build your custom-made night guard.

Step 4: Finished product.

An appointment will be made to ensure the night guard is a perfect fit and is comfortable. Any adjustments to the night guard will be done if necessary.

What does a night guard prevent?

Consistently wearing a custom night guard can help prevent many health issues such as:

  • Morning headaches from the pressure on the jaw
  • Temperomandibular Join Disorder
  • Tooth chips or cracking
  • Wearing down of teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity

Protect Your Beautiful Smile! A Custom Fitted Dental Night Guard from El Dorado Family Dental is the solution for improving your quality of sleep and saving your natural teeth! Contact our office to schedule your FREE consultation today.